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MMG 008: You Are Never Stuck

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Are you feeling stuck in your job or your business? Is your work life killing your soul…in midlife?

If your answer is yes, or maybe read on. Here is what being stuck feels like: You’re burned out. You dread the day ahead. You feel completely exhausted. You’re not taking care of yourself. You have no life balance.

Perhaps you have a boss that you don’t enjoy working for, or the company you work for has changed and you don’t like the direction. Or maybe you wish you could just work for yourself.

First, I’m here to tell you that you are never stuck. I’ve been there. Close to 10 years ago (at age 40), I walked away from a big role at the large financial services firm I had spent the bulk of my career with.

I wasn’t really emotionally or financially prepared to leave, but the environment was so toxic I just could not stay another day. I accepted a six month severance and had a little cash in the bank, but I had NO plan whatsoever.

My leaving the corporate world after 15 years was the best move I ever made in my life. It wasn’t easy, but it eventually allowed me to unleash my full potential and changed my life for the better.

Many mid-lifers feel stuck today in their jobs or careers. I hear it at nearly every dinner party and social gathering with friends and peers that I attend. Let’s face it, there is tremendous fear in making a career or job when you’re in midlife.

You’re worried if you leave, you won’t have the kind of success that you’ve had to this point. You also fear that you’re too old to make a career change, you won’t make as much money, and you won’t maintain the same lifestyle.

You also worry about what people will think. In my case, I KNOW that family and friends thought I had lost my mind.

Believe me when I say, your fears are unfounded! Your fears are undoubtedly holding you back from realizing your true potential.

In this episode, I share more about my own story of getting unstuck, including some tips that really helped me along the journey. I hope they can help you too.

Remember, you are never stuck in a toxic or miserable career, job, environment, or relationship. You hold all the power.

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Are you feeling stuck in your job or your business? Is your work life killing your soul in midlife? If that sounds like you, stay tuned.

Welcome to the Midlife Money Gal podcast. This is the show for independent women professionals who want to learn more about navigating midlife and money. I'm your host, Stephanie Sammons, an experienced, certified financial planner and midlifer just like you.

Are you feeling stuck these days, stuck in your job, stuck in your business? You really feel like your soul is being crush because you're just miserable with your career. I hear this a lot, and here are some signs that you might be going through this. You're burned out. You dread the day ahead. You feel completely exhausted. You're not taking care of yourself. You have little-to-no life balance, and you feel like you are literally running on a hamster wheel.

Or maybe you have a bad boss, and the company you work for has changed, and you don't like the direction. The products or services that you are offering, you don't believe in any more. Maybe they've changed, or maybe you wish you worked for yourself, and you didn't have to answer to anyone, to a boss.

And then you're worried if you stop or quit or make a change, you won't have the kind of success that you've had to this point. You won't make the same money. You won't keep the same lifestyle, and all of these fears start cascading in your mind. These fears are unfounded, by the way. But you're so busy, and you're so worn out, facing this daily grind that what happens is you end up losing sight on what matters most to you. You just completely feel like you've lost your way.

I've been there. I'm 49, and at age 40 I walked away from my company, a large financial services firm. I was employed as financial advisor for 15 years, and I was also in a regional manager's role at the time. It was sort of unexpected, however, when it happened, I realized how miserable I was and how it was killing my soul.

Now for me, it wasn't my work as a financial advisor, but it was the toxic environment that I was working in, and it took me some time to sort that out, actually. I had a six-month severance package. I had really no plan. I had a little cash in the bank, and I certainly wasn't prepared for the emotional process that I would go through during that next six months to a year. It was pretty tough, but it was the best thing I've ever done in my life. I ended up starting over completely from scratch and reinventing myself, and it has been the most invigorating experience you could ever imagine.

Why am I telling you all this? Here's my message to you. You are never stuck. You are never stuck in a job that you hate. You are never stuck in a toxic environment. You are never stuck in a toxic relationship. You are never even stuck in a city where you live today. You are never stuck. You have the full power and control to change your life.

Here are a few tips that I have for you that worked for me, and I hope that they can also help you if you are feeling stuck. Seek some healing, some physical and mental healing, even if it's just going out for walks. Walking can be so refreshing and uplifting just to get out in nature. Try meditating. It's amazing what clapping on some headphones and listening to a 10 minute meditation can do for your day, and day after day what it can do for your life. I really happen to like an app called Headspace. They have meditations for all kinds of situations ... for sleeping better, for managing stress and anxiety, everything you can think of.

Go do a spa experience. Get a massage. Get a facial. Consider investing in a spa experience. Get a massage. Get a facial. Something I found really helpful to me is acupuncture, and I still go to acupuncture once a month. It's incredible. Redefine the life that you want, the life that you've lost being on that constant hamster wheel or treadmill. What do you really value, and is your life misaligned with what's important to you and what matters most to you? Really get down to that core. It's hard to get to sometimes when you've created lots and lots of layers to just keep pressing forward.

Focus more on experiences instead of material things. Keeping up with the Joneses is just exhausting, and I'm telling you, it's pointless. Figure out how much is enough for you and how much you need for your future financial security. Carve out time for hobbies or find a hobby if you don't have one. Hobbies can be very healing and can really take you outside of the things that stress you out. Try gardening, cooking. Engage your creative brain. Something I really got more involved in after 40 was being a singer/songwriter. I love playing the guitar. I love writing music. I love writing lyrics, and I do it a lot now, and it's such a fun and therapeutic hobby for me.

Plan getaways and vacations that you can look forward to. It doesn't have to be a two, three week vacation. It can be a long weekend somewhere. Long weekends can be great just to get a fresh start and clear your mind. Hire a life coach. Go back and listen to episode four where I talk about finding your mentors, and how mentors and coaches can help you. Consider having a conversation with your boss, maybe to reduce your hours or go to a more flexible work schedule, or maybe even taking a sabbatical. If they value you as an employee, they will accommodate you. Or consider hiring help, and maybe building a team where you can delegate and outsource some of the things that you really don't enjoy. Figure out what you do enjoy about your job, and figure out what you don't enjoy, and outsource and delegate those things.

And lastly, don't be afraid to make a career change. Explore your options. You can start your own business perhaps. Or you can continue doing what you're doing, but maybe in a different environment or with a different structure, maybe a self-employed structure. There are all kinds of options out there today that weren't available to us in the past because work life has become so much more flexible. Just have the courage to create the life that you want one day at a time, because you're never, ever stuck.

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