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How to Invest a Lump Sum | Financial Windfall

Show Notes for this Episode:

Recently I received a listener question asking if now was a good time to invest a lump sum with the markets at all-time highs. In this episode, I explain how to invest a lump sum.

Is it better to invest a lump sum no matter what the markets are doing? Or is it best to dollar-cost average, or invest in installments over time?

If you have a lump sum of money that you have received through an inheritance, divorce, retirement, or some other life transition, this episode is for you! Or, if you have cash sitting on the sidelines or sold out during a bear market and never got back in, this is also for you.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the S&P 500 has faired after the index has hit all-time highs
  • How the S&P 500 has faired after the index has fallen more than 10%
  • Whether recent market performance should influence the timing of investing in stocks
  • The ONE fear behind both scenarios (lump sum vs. DCA)
  • The psychology of investing

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