I'm Stephanie Sammons, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the Founder of Sammons Wealth Management. I help successful women professionals who are in midlife plan for their ideal retirement. Learn more about planning, saving, and investing for your ideal retirement at Sammons Wealth Management.

It’s hard to believe we are now in the year 2020! The U.S. markets are at an all-time high and the economy continues to clip along. Just a year ago, financial media pundits were predicting that a recession was on the horizon.

The truth is, it’s impossible for anyone to predict what will happen with the markets and the economy in the short-run. Trying to time the markets can be both dangerous and costly. There is a better way to stay invested through the ups and downs and focus on your long-term goals.

For smart investors, staying the course rather than allowing yourself to be ruled by emotions such as fear and greed is more feasible when you have some quality rules to follow.

In this “Portfolio Check-Up” episode of the podcast, I kick off Season 3 talking about how to position your nest egg as we continue on with the longest running bull market on record. I share 4 Prudent Portfolio Rules that can help you participate in market growth but also protect your wealth. These rules can help you rise above the emotion and become a smarter investor.

Please note that your specific investment strategy depends on many individualized factors including, but not limited to, your age, years to retirement, income, asset levels, savings rate, and more. The rules I share in this podcast episode are meant to serve as general educational guidelines and not personalized advice. I do not know your personal financial situation.

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