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beware of scams on the rise | what to do if you gt scammed

Show Notes for this Episode:

Economic downturns tend to be prime time for scammers. They seek to take advantage when people are feeling desperate and uncertain. With more Americans online than ever before and using mobile devices, this also gives scammers more opportunities to take advantage.

The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic recession is no exception. Scammers are sending malicious links through emails and texts, creating bogus charities, and trying to intercept stimulus checks.

Scammers especially prey on the elderly with Social Security and Medicare scams being favorite targets.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • the most common forms of fraud, scams, and identity theft today
  • how to recognize if you are being scammed
  • ways to protect yourself from getting scammed in the first place

You will also hear a story about how my own Mother was the victim of a Social Security scam.

Links/Resources shared in this episode:

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