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Show Notes for this Episode

It’s hard to stay positive during difficult times, like in the midst of a global pandemic that has completely changed life as we know it! We go through stages of a mindset shift when we are shell-shocked or faced with a new reality. In this episode, I share these stages with you so that you can determine where you are and what’s next.

Also, I share 8 ways to keep a positive mindset during tough times. These are 8 practices that I have personally implemented to better deal with the challenges of this particular time period. I hope these 8 tips can also help you!

In this episode of the Midlife Money Gal Podcast, you will learn:

  • Where you are in the stages of mindset shifts through a downturn and what follows
  • How positivity affects everything about your life
  • 8 tips and simple practices for keeping a positive mindset

Links mentioned in this show:

The Endless Practice – Becoming Who You Were Born to Be by Mark Nepo

The Psychology of Downturns by James Currier

The Calm App

The Headspace App

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