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Living Your Best Midlife and Postponing Retirement with Brian Clark

Show Notes for this Episode:

In this episode of the Retirement Money Gal Podcast, I chat with Brian Clark about living your best midlife and the possibility of postponing retirement. Brian is a serial entrepreneur. He’s truly a pioneer of content marketing and the founder of Copyblogger (a multi-million dollar business), Unemployable (a community for solo entrepreneurs), and one of my favorites, Further (a personal growth newsletter for midlifers and GenXers).

And as if that isn’t enough, he’s also the host of the 7-figure Small Podcast. I was a guest on his podcast here: Stay Small and Succeed Fully

Brian and I share a passion in providing education and insights to those of us who are in the midst of midlife. Where my primary focus here is on helping busy women professionals navigate midlife and money, Brian also takes a deep dive into work and wellness in midlife. We both believe that wealth, work, and wellness are critical pillars for creating your best midlife to and through retirement.

What You Will Learn on This Episode:

  • Our personal stories of midlife reflection on our past successes (and failures)
  • The Happiness U-Curve and paradox of aging
  • Why healthspan matters more than ever in midlife
  • Exploring work options that can create more balance in your life
  • Longevity and the implications of living longer
  • Becoming an entrepreneur in midlife (it’s not as scary as you may think)
  • Embracing a work optional retirement, or postponing retirement altogether

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