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[This episode is part of the LGBTQ Series of the Midlife Money Gal Podcast]

Each year the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) evaluates and scores large U.S. companies on their equality efforts. The year 2020 brings a record number of companies scoring 100%.

Although this is great news, you can still be fired for being gay in many states. We still have a long way to go.

In this short podcast episode, I talk about how we as LGBTQ professionals can utilize this index to have more impact. As I’ve mentioned in a previous episode about the Equality Economy, the LGBTQ community has nearly $1 Trillion per year in spending power! The HRC Equality Index can help us align our purchasing power with the companies that support us.

Another way we can have impact is through our professional careers. We can work for companies that have 100% scores.

Listen to the episode to hear more about my thoughts on the 2020 HRC Corporate Equality Index and You!

Read the full 2020 HRC Corporate Equality Report here.

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