Free Personal Investor Risk Assessment

Understanding your personal risk tolerance is one of the most important aspects of investing for retirement.

Risk in the context of investing does not necessarily mean “loss”. Investment risk is more a measure of what volatility (market ups and downs) you are able to tolerate throughout your investment experience.

Knowing how you feel about risk and then aligning your retirement nest egg with your personal risk comfort level gives you the best chance for sticking with your strategy through market ups and downs.

My favorite tool for assessing how my clients feel about risk is Riskalyze. This is a tool that is designed for professional financial advisors like myself to assess the risk level of their individual clients.

The Riskalyze tool will take you through a short series of questions to understand and gauge your tolerance for risk. Once you complete the online questionnaire process I will send you your personal risk number report. Please allow 24 hours for follow up.

It is important not to rely on your risk number alone for making investment decisions. There are many other factors that should be considered. You should discuss your results with a fiduciary financial advisor. If you do not currently work with a financial advisor, you can visit Sammons Wealth Management to learn more about who I work with and how I serve my clients.

Find out your personal risk number by clicking the button below:

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